Even a small gift makes a big difference!

Our volunteer service organization has an enormous impact on the ability of older adults and people with disabilities to allow them to stay in their homes. In 2011, volunteers provided more than 2,700 transports. But we supply a lot more than transportation. In addition to the many calls we make to set up transportation, We make and receive calls to meet other needs such as: requests for community resources, questions about available assistance, and most importantly, care partners seeking out someone with whom to connect. Our volunteers, our staff, and your gifts work directly for people living in our township. Even a small gift can make a big difference.

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Consider remembering us in your estate.

A gift in memory of a care partner or a loved one who has entrusted our volunteers with their friendship and needed service, will help us to extend the benefit to others experiencing the same needs. Contact the ICP for suggestions on meaningful memorials.

Thank You!


“Thank you for helping my mother while I’m at work!”

$100. is enough to make sure 10 people can do their own weekly grocery shopping.

“Without your supervolunteers, I would not be able to stay in my home. I am eternally grateful for them.”

$50. will provide a seminar for stressed caregivers

“The gift of time that M. shared with Mom added measurably toward enriching Mom’s life..”

Just $25. will pay for 1 round-trip to the Westchester-Fresenius Center for dialysis.