Our Mission

At this time, our service area includes the following communities:
The mission of Interfaith Community Partners is to maximize the independence and well-being of older adults by enabling connections with others in their community.

Our Partners

Interfaith Community Partners (ICP) was formed to assist our elderly neighbors maintain their independence. ICP was founded in 1999-2000 after the extensive community research undertaken by Community Memorial Foundation identified the plight of isolated adults in our community, ICP began as a visitation service with teams of volunteers from the seven founding churches. It became evident that loss of mobility is one of the biggest causes of isolation. Within two years our primary service switched to assisted transportation. We now accompany our care partners to medical appointments, therapies, and assist with other essential daily living errands (grocery shopping, banking, etc.)
As our services grew, so did the number of coalition churches. At present there are 13 member congregations, and most of the volunteers are members of these churches.

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